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Giving priority to British Columbia's Canadian citizens, ahead of wealthy overseas citizens & corporations who buy influence.

About Us


Our political party will ensure BC Citizens have priority access to homes, education, health, transport and other government services across the whole of British Columbia.  BC Citizens are currently being ignored by their politicians and major political parties who prefer to give greater priority to wealthy overseas citizens and large multinational corporations who can buy their influence.

See our Housing Policy,  Drug Addiction, Mental Health & Homeless Policy,  Annual Holidays & Minimum Wages Policy, Transport Policy,  Education Policy,  Child Care Policy, Earthquake Protection Policy, Personal & Community Safety Policy, 23 Point Health Policy,  Trans Mountain Pipeline, Energy and Site C Dam Policy, Jobs Program, Consumer Protection,  Justice Policy,  Customer- focused Government Policy, MLA Accountability & Electoral Reform  Party Donations Crisis, and North Korea Missile Protection Policy for BC, as important and immediate problems being experienced by BC Citizens. Our 4 Year Balanced Budget is also available.

See Our Vision and Our Leader for more information on our approach to Government in B.C. and our Leader's government experience. 

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