23 Point Health Policy

23 Point Health Plan to Significantly Improve Health Services

 The BC Citizens First Party today announced that it proposes to completely abolish monthly MSP Premiums from 31st December 2017 for every BC Citizen who currently has to pay the MSP premiums themselves out of their own pocket without support from their employer or union etc. It made this announcement at the release of its 23 point Public Health Plan.

The Leader of the BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan also indicated that his party ultimately aims to abolish MSP Premiums for everyone over time.  

  1. 100% ABOLITION OF MSP HEALTH PAYMENTS FOR PRIVATE PAYING BC CITIZENS FROM 31ST DECEMBER 2017:  We propose to completely eliminate MSP monthly premiums for all private BC citizens who currently pay their own MSP premiums.  Our modifying legislation will require third party contributors to continue paying premiums for all people covered as at the date of the BC Budget 2017 whilst they continue to remain in their employment, membership or under contractual arrangements current at the date of the BC Budget 2017. Current premiums will remain in the short-term for all people currently covered by their employers or unions etc, although we do anticipate complete abolition of these premiums for all such BC citizens as soon as financially viable.
  2. WE PROPOSE TO RE-INTRODUCE MSP PREMIUM PAYMENTS FOR ALL OVERSEAS STUDENTS STUDYING IN BC AS WELL AS FOR ALL OTHER NON-CANADIAN CITIZENS.  We do not believe overseas citizens who can afford to pay private school and university fees should be exempt from making contributions to the BC Health system. Also all non-Canadian citizens will be required to contribute to MSP premiums unless they satisfy safety net eligibility.
  3. MORE MEDICAL SCANNERS TO REDUCE DIAGNOSIS WAIT TIMES: More health scanning machines will be purchased in order to reduce current wait times to under 4 weeks for all types of CT and MRI diagnosis medical scanning. Current public scanning machines will also be required to operate on weekdays and weekends.  A BC Citizens First government will also pay current private scanning providers to scan public patients whenever wait times increase beyond 4 weeks from general practitioner referral to actual current scanning time.
  4. NEW POST SECONDARY HEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS: Doctors and Nurses and Health Technologists etc who commit to working in BC will have their post-secondary education fully funded through new post-secondary scholarships, as previously outlined in our Education policy,  in order to increase their numbers in BC.
  5. MORE FRONTLINE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT HEALTH WORKERS: More focus will be placed on frontline Doctors and Nurses in Emergency Units of our BC hospitals so that children and their parents, as well as others, don’t have to wait 4 hours or more to be seen at the Emergency Ward of any Children’s Hospital or General Hospitals across BC.
  6. FOCUS ON SURGERY WAIT TIMES: We believe that all BC Citizens should be receiving Radiation Therapy within 2 weeks,  Cancer Surgery within 4 weeks, and Hip Replacement or Knee Replacement within 4 Months. Greater focus on achieving these and other critical surgery benchmark times will form a priority focus for a BC Citizens First Government.
  7. NEW ‘BC CENTRE FOR ADDICTION AND MENTAL HEALTH’ (CAMH): As St Paul’s Hospital moves to its new False Creek site, we will convert the old St Paul’s Hospital immediately into a large specialist Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for access to specialist care services for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. These services will be provided free of charge to BC Citizens. Annexes of CAMH will also be created initially in Surrey, Victoria  and Kelowna for access by all regional addicts. Last year there were 20,000 drug overdoses in BC resulting in almost 1,000 deaths across the province.
  8. CAMH will provide an addition and mental health  focus on  people with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, as well as those in need of mental health support for depression including post partum depression, psychosis and drug impaired mental health issues. The Centre and its annexes will support drug withdrawal using global best practices as well as provide safe injection services.
  9. CAMH ‘PARENTS PANEL’: Parents of past deceased BC drug addicts will be encouraged to provide input into proposed and ongoing CAMH procedures through their official participation in a ‘Parents Panel’ which will be formally recognized as part of CAMH’s operations.
  10. IMMEDIATELY RE-OPEN RIVERVIEW HOSPITAL IN COQUITLAM: Whilst awaiting the relocation of St Paul’s Hospital to False Creek we will immediately fund the re-investment and re-opening of Riverview Hospital which has 244 acres of property and 75 buildings comprising 153,640 square metres (1,653,767 square feet) of space. In its heyday, Riverview handled 4,306 mental health patients in 1956 which was reduced to only 800 beds by the BC Liberals in 2002 and was finally closed by the BC Liberals in 2012. The currently dormant East and West Lawn Buildings as well as other key buildings will be funded with $150 million of immediate renovation and renewal costs and operational costs will come from a $1,000 million CAMH budget allocation.
  11. HOMELESS ACCOMMODATION AND SUPPORT. Homeless accommodation will be provided at CAMH and all of its Regional Annexes, as well as at Riverview Hospital, with an initial focus on those homeless who are concurrently suffering addiction and mental health issues. These people need to be immediately taken off the streets where they cannot attack students in schools, private citizens on our streets, and other short term residents of homeless shelters, nor abuse citizen or visitor pedestrians in our cities.
  12. WHOLE-OF-GOVERNMENT FOCUS ON HEALTH SUPPORT:  In addition all Ministry and Government Authorities in BC will be required to focus all of their donation, sponsorship  and philanthropic funds into the areas of addiction and mental health and homeless services across BC for the next 4 years with initial focus on Greater Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Abbotsford and Kamloops.
  13. REGISTRATION AND SUPERVISION OF ALL DRUG REHABILITATION SERVICE PROVIDERS: We will require all private and public drug rehabilitation service providers to be registered and audited by the BC Government.
  14. RANDOM ROADSIDE ILLICIT DRUG TESTING WILL BE INTRODUCED ACROSS BC in order to significantly reduce the risks of drug-impaired drivers being on our roads. Severe penalties will be introduced for offenders.
  15. NEW BC DIGITAL POLICE FORCE: Online attempts to sell or procure illegal drugs over the internet  or dark web or via mobile devices will be scrutinized by a new BC Digital Police Force.
  16. NEW NATIONAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG PROGRAM: We support a national prescription drug program and will do all in our power to encourage other provinces as well as the Government to Canada to participate in such a program where we are prepared to take a leadership role to support all Canadian citizens.
  17. ADEQUATE DENTAL COVERAGE FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS: We believe that those on Income Assistance, Disability Assistance, or low incomes, should be eligible to one annual checkup for themselves and their dependents, as well as coverage for one dental filling/dental extraction and any associated necessary x rays, each calendar year.
  18. WE ARE OPPOSED TO THE BUILDING OF HYDRO SUBSTATIONS UNDERNEATH SCHOOLS OR PARKS USED BY YOUNG CHILDREN since epidemiological health research has found associations between residential magnetic field exposure and cancer. This situation is further exacerbated by the excessive electromagnetic wave radiation generated by high voltage transmission facilities used in electricity sub-stations.
  19. GAMBLING LOSS-LIMIT SETTING TO BE INTRODUCED FOR ALL BC GAMBLERS: All people gambling in BC will be required to pre-set money loss limits and gambling time limits on their future gambling. This pre-commitment system will operate simultaneously across all gambling providers and across all forms of gambling within BC. This will dramatically reduce the incidence of problem gambling as a health issue for BC citizens.
  20. FOOD RESOURCES PROTECTED FROM HEALTH CONCERNS: We are concerned about the ongoing risks to public health from bacterial and virus outbreaks at various salmon farms  and oyster farms. We propose to undertake a major investigation into ongoing problems in these two industry sectors and shut down those farms which do not meet global best practice standards.
  21. NEW BC FOOD BANK FUNDING: We will provide BC Foodbanks with $10 million of capital funding to support their introduction of perishable food uptake and distribution to their needy recipients as a means to improve the health and food intake of the needy.
  22. QUALITY TESTING OF WATER RESOURCES: We are concerned about the current existence of high levels of lead being detected across BC, particularly at schools. We will immediately commission an audit of all BC schools (private and public) in order to assess the current health and developmental  risks to which we are currently exposing our young children. Where worldwide safe standards of lead are being exceeded we will immediately enforce remedial actions. The second stage of this program will focus on community testing and remediation of all water in rural, suburban, metropolitan and First Nations communities.
  23. RAISING CORPORATE ACCESS COSTS FOR BC WATER RESOURCES: We propose to raise water bottler charges for access to BC’s pure and pristine water from its current giveaway $2.50 per million litres (which the bottlers retail for $2.5 million dollars) up to a more reasonable $1,000 per million litres. These additional revenues will be directed to improving BC water resources for all BC citizens including First Nations. 

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan Cell: 604-355-4069, p.ryan@bccitizensfirst.ca. Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4.    

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Video Message - Party Leader

Video message to the people of Vancouver-False Creek from Phillip Ryan, Party Leader