Child Care Policy


BC’s new political party, the BC Citizens First Party, today announced that it would immediately inject funds into creating a massive 25,000 new daycare spaces across BC which will completely eliminate current waitlists which are a primary concern for all current over-stretched and over-stressed BC parents.

“Our child care policy will create enrolment certainty for parents in an environment which is currently filled with massive uncertainty” said Mr. Phillip Ryan, Leader of the BC Citizens First Party.

Also, in order to better co-ordinate daycare provision, current BC Schools with under-utilized space will be a key focus for initial daycare spaces. This will deliver greater certainty of existence for some currently under-utilized schools across BC, as well as provide a means for parents to drop off members of their family into facilities within close proximity to each other.

1. 25,000 NEW  CHILD CARE SPACES TO ELIMINATE CURRENT WAITLIST TIMES: We will create 25,000 additional new child care spaces in BC within 12 months with immediate capital funding of $150 million provided to licensed child care providers.  

2. USING UNDER-CAPACITY SCHOOLS FOR NEW CHILD CARE SPACES: Daycare spaces will initially be allocated to currently under utilized schools in each school district in order that some of their currently unused space can be quickly utilized for daycare provision.  Funds will also be allocated to other currently established providers and new providers. 

3. WE SUPPORT A CHILD CARE SUBSIDY ALLOWANCE TO HELP FAMILIES IN B.C. WITH THE COST OF CHILD CARE for families that earn up to $55,000 per annum.     

4. EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION FOR OUR BABIES AND INFANTS: We will ensure all child care centres are assessed for earthquake survivability, and that ultimately all child care and daycare facilities meet survivability and ongoing livability earthquake standards.


6. INCREASING CHILD CARE SAFETY: In future all child care operators  of any category description (even those caring for a single non-family child or multiple  non-family siblings) will all be required to be registered and undergo criminal record checks. This is currently not the case and has resulted in risks to babies and infants.  All providers will also be audited on-site at least once per year in order to ensure they meet appropriate child care standards.  Oversight of all child care and daycare online advertising across BC will be undertaken by the new BC Digital Police Force (as previously announced by the BC Citizens First Party to monitor providers such as Airbnb and Uber etc and to monitor cyber bullying, child luring and drug promotion to BC students). The BC Digital Police Force will liaise directly with the BC Child Care regulator.

Mr. Ryan added “We see safe and secure housing for all BC children in child care centres as a key priority.  Our party’s policy will allow more families to more fully engage in work in order to increase their household income in this excessively expensive province in which we live.”

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, Cell: 604-355-4069,, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4

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Video Message - Party Leader

Video message to people of Vancouver- False Creek from Phillip Ryan, Party Leader