Consumer Protection + Justice



The Leader of the BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan, today announced significant major initiatives to significantly increase consumer protection, market competition and market monitoring for BC citizens.

  1. TICKET AND PARK SCALPING WILL BE OUTLAWED IN BC: It will be made illegal for anyone to sell an entry ticket to any public event, concert, venue, park or public location in BC for a price which is greater than the original paid face value of the original retail ticket. Penalties of $5,000 will be imposed for the first violation offence, doubling for all subsequent breaches and jail terms for more than 3 offences.
  2. ONLINE MONITORING OF TICKET SALES AND TICKET SCALPING: Online breaches of ticket sales and ticket scalping will be monitored by our proposed new BC Digital Police Force who will be tasked with detecting and circumventing the use of online bots buying multiple tickets simultaneously.
  3. ADVANCE PRE-SALES OF TICKETS TO SELECT GROUPS (E.G. AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD HOLDERS ETC) WILL BE BANNED FOR ALL PUBLIC PERFORMANCES IN BC. All event tickets will be required to be sold commencing at the same time for all  potential attendees of public performances in BC.
  4. 'DELIVER WHAT YOU ADVERTISE' LEGISLATION  All businesses and organizations operating across all industries in British Columbia will be fined if  they fail to provide their advertised or promoted product or services at the advertised price and time.  More importantly, all organizations will be required to deliver the product they promoted at the price and time they originally advertised (up to the point in time they issue any subsequent public notice of any advertisement error). Fines of $10 million per promotion item/event will be imposed on any breach by a public company ($1 million for a private company, $250,000 for partnerships and $100,000 for sole traders) where an organization fails to deliver a product or service at the current public advertised price to every requesting consumer. Subsequent event breaches will impose a doubling of any previous fines as well as imposing an additional $1 million fine on every Director and CEO of the ‘bad actor’ public or private companies ($100,000 for each owner of a partnership or sole trading business). These latter fines will also double for every subsequent event. Organizations will not be able to use the defense of human error in order to defend any misleading advertising. In today’s society we expect professionalism in designing and promoting advertising campaigns as well as accountability from all organizations for delivering on their advertised promises.
  5. ONLINE ADVERTISING breaches will also be monitored by our new BC Digital Police Force.
  6. MARKET COMPETITION TO REDUCE PRICES: We support market competition as the most effective and efficient means to deliver competitively reduced prices to citizens in most industries. The exceptions are in failed markets (for example,  the gambling industry where increased competition results in exploitation of problem gamblers who tend to be the largest spenders in the gambling industry). As a consequence we will be introducing immediate competition for Autoplan car insurance and abolishing the current ICBC monopoly; allowing Uber and Lyft to compete in the taxi industry, and also allow US wine into BC supermarkets in order to increase market competition and reduce prices for the benefit of BC consumers.
  7. INTEREST RATE CONTROL ON PAYDAY LENDERS: We will make it illegal for any payday loan operators or any other lenders to charge BC consumers in total annual interest charges and fees, more than the equivalent of 25% per annum interest rate points over and above the Bank of Canada’s daily average overnight bank interest rate, as published for the preceding calendar month.
  8. NEW BC DIGITAL POLICE FORCE: A new BC Digital Police Force will be established to monitor all illegal activities on the internet  and the dark web using global best practices and techniques to uncover illegal drug trade, online predators of underage children, cyber-bullying and harassment, illegal short term accommodation providers, ride-sharing providers, as well as the false and misleading digital advertisers mentioned in this policy.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan Cell: 604-355-4069, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4 

Justice Policy



The Leader of the BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan, today announced a focus on making the Court system more citizen-focused involving more efficient allocation of court times, reduced wait times, increased legal aid services and an expanded role for Justice Access Centres.

1. ELIMINATE EXCESSIVE LEGAL FEES ON CITIZENS FROM COURT INEFFICIENCY: We believe that the Court system  is highly inefficient and can potentially cost members of the public a full day’s court time from their lawyers when in fact their lawyer might only spend 10 minutes in front of a judge during a Chambers Hearing. Accordingly we will require  a more citizen-focused, cost effective and efficient Court system across BC particularly with respect to Chambers matters.

2. WE WILL WORK WITH BC COURTS TO INTRODUCE 9 AM TO 5 PM COURT HEARING HOURS rather than the current highly restricted Court hours available to BC citizens. This will be achieved through appropriate funding of a more efficient and effective judicial  Court system.

3. TRIAL WAIT TIMES REDUCED: We will also require Court proceedings to be at final trial within 18 months of original lodgment (unless either party seeks an extension of time) through appropriate funding of a more efficient and effective judicial  Court system.

4. RESTORE LEGAL AID SERVICES: We will restore legal aid to its former levels with case funding increased to the latest published national average of $17.12 per capita through additional funds of $16.5 million per annum. All of these funds will be used to fund actions taken by our most vulnerable citizens  to protect their rights, to increase time available for cases, and to expand the profile of accepted cases to include for example, overseas abductions by a parent.  An additional  $0.5 million will be available to increase call centre personnel and reduce call waiting times resulting in total additional budgeting of $17 million pa.

5. THE SALARY OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE WILL BE PERMANENTLY SET TO BE EQUIVALENT TO THE PREMIER OF BC and the salaries of other court judges will be set to be permanently equivalent to the Minister of Justice in BC. 

6. SUPPORT PRIOR TO POTENTIAL MARRIAGE SEPARATION: The Justice Access System will be expanded to mandate their involvement in potential separation of couples rather than to only focus on separated couples as is currently their mandate. This will hopefully help reduce the number of family divorces in British Columbia.

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