Earthquake Protection



The BC Citizens First Party today announced that every residential home, workplace, school, child care centre, hospital, post-secondary education and occupied building across BC, will be assessed for their ability to both immediately survive a large earthquake, and then to be livable after the earthquake.

The Leader of the party, Phillip Ryan, said “Under our party's policies, each building owner in B.C. will be required by law to display at the main external entrance, the results of the assessments of survivability and livability in order to inform all inhabitants, workers, visitors and tenants etc”.  Those buildings which are sub-standard and present higher than normal risks will then obviously be pressured  by inhabitants, workers and users to quickly address those concerns.

The recent assessment that Victoria has 4,300 buildings at risk is an eye-opener for everyone in BC.  Currently only Victoria and North Vancouver have undertaken any such recent assessments. “Vancouver and the Lower mainland are highly exposed” said Mr. Ryan.

“We are running out of time to solve this problem. “The current BC Liberals  have their head in the sand. There are 158 schools across the whole of BC who currently needing urgent seismic upgrades and only one school was funded in the last budget. At this rate it will take 158 years to protect our school children if the BC Liberals were tor remain in government, said Mr. Ryan.

The BC Citizens First Party announced that it will immediately allocate additional funds to Earthquake Protection of our schools to the tune of $300 million per annum and $1,200 million over the next 4 years.

The party also announced that it will ban fracking across BC since it has been scientifically proven to cause earthquakes.

1. EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION IN OUR HOMES AND WORKPLACES: All residential homes and workplaces will be assessed and reported for their ability to survive a large earthquake and also for their ability to maintain a livable and functional  facility after a large earthquake. These assessments will be for both a Richter Scale 6 and 9 earthquake. Initial reports will be prepared for residences and workplaces of 50+ inhabitants gradually working down to smaller homes. The results will be required to be displayed on a plaque at the main entrance e of all buildings in B.C. Owners of commercial buildings and strata corporations of multiple dwellings will be required to fund the assessments. This will also  apply to government institutions and authorities, as well as private schools. Finally, private residents will be funded for their assessments of their family through a Tax Credit which will ideally be shared equally by both the BC Government and Government of Canada (subject to final negotiations with Ottawa).

2. EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION FOR OUR CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOLS, CHILD CARE CENTERS AND POST SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS: All government schools and post-secondary institutions will be required to commence and finish all seismic protection upgrades over the next 5 years.  The priority focus will be on buildings with stable or projected rising enrollments over the next 5 years.  In addition, all private schools and child care centres will be required to undertake seismic assessments within 18 months, with full and comprehensive results made available to all parents. “It is shameful that there are still 158 schools in B.C. which are at massive risk in the projected earthquake, and only 1 of those schools has been funded by the BC Liberals in their 2017/2018 budget two weeks ago”, said Mr. Ryan.  “I do not want my 3 year old daughter killed in any imminent earthquake in B.C. and neither do the parents of children across B.C.  The BC Liberals will have ‘blood on their hands’ if they are re-elected and continue such negligence.  All parents need to send a message to this neglectful government”, said Mr. Ryan.  The BC Citizens First Party will immediately allocate additional funds to Earthquake Protection of our schools to the tune of $300 million per annum and $1,200 million over the next 4 yeas.

3. CURRENT LOCAL COUNCIL BUILDING CODES ARE INADEQUATE TO HOUSE BC CITIZENS AFTER A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE: We believe that local council building codes need to be immediately upgraded across B.C .so that new buildings can not only survive a major earthquake, but also remain livable after the earthquake. Today that is not the current code standard for most councils across British Columbia. The massive dislocation caused to potentially millions of B.C. citizens and families  for up to 5 years after a major earthquake, needs to be fully understood and addressed by our provincial leaders right now with no further delays.

4. BAN ON FRACKING ACROSS B.C. DUE TO SEISMIC RISKS: It is well documented by international scientists that fracking causes seismic activity. We therefore believe it is far too risky to continue fracking across B.C. since it most likely will artificially induce a major earthquake before our community is fully prepared for its impact. We therefore will ban all fracking across B.C.

Mr. Ryan added that B.C. is grossly unprepared for a massive earthquake and any associated tsunami which could flood the major arteries of B.C. Government located in Victoria. “We need a comprehensive disaster plan for B.C. “I am not even convinced that YVR Airport will be usable given the potential for runway fractures and predictable soil liquefaction in Richmond”, said Mr. Ryan.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, Cell: 604-355-4069, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4. An Elections BC Registered Party

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