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BC’s new political party, the BC Citizens First Party, today announced that it will require all BC universities and post-secondary providers of undergraduate degrees to give priority enrolment to BC citizens ahead of overseas students. This will be achieved by requiring tertiary educational institutions to set an acceptable lowest acceptable standard mark for entry into each undergraduate course, and then requiring all Canadian citizens who meet that mark to be enrolled first in the course (subject to full availability).

The risks associated with any other system of entry is that all students are lined up according to their entry score and local BC students can end up being excluded even though they may have reached the acceptable minimum entry score, due to excess total demand exceeding supply. “If demand exceeds supply, then the overseas students should be excluded and not the local BC students”, said Phillip Ryan, Leader of the BC Citizens First Party.

“The problem is that under any other rules, tertiary institutions will always very tempted to take the overseas students into their undergraduate degrees ahead of our local BC students because overseas students can be charged 10 times the fees of local BC students”. Such a selection framework does nothing to create job opportunities for local BC students.

In addition to giving classroom priority to BC students, all undergraduate educational providers will be required to give on-campus student accommodation priority to BC students who would normally have to travel more than 1 hour to study on campus. “Our local students must be accommodated on-campus ahead of any overseas students” said Mr. Ryan.

As well as giving priority to local BC students, the BC Citizens First Party Education policy involves:

  1. INTRODUCING NEW BC GOVERNMENT DEGREE SCHOLARSHIPS: New BC Government scholarships covering full coverage of post-Secondary undergraduate degree tuition fees will be provided to BC student citizens enrolling in government-designated high priority areas of need for the province (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, medical technicians, IT etc)  where students agree to work in BC for two years full-time for every year of full funding of their tertiary studies i.e. 10 years work commitment for 5 years of scholarship funding. These scholarships will be competitive and will be subject to successful completion of every year of study. They will allow BC children to attain their educational goals whilst simultaneously giving back to BC as future workers in areas of critical need for BC. Scholarship holders will be guaranteed a job by the BC Government at the end of their studies, although they will be able to equally accept jobs in the private sector.
  2. WE ARE OPPOSED TO THE BUILDING OF BC HYDRO SUB-STATIONS UNDERNEATH SCHOOLS OR PARKS USED BY YOUNG CHILDREN.  The party  vehemently opposes the building of any BC Hydro Substations under or around any facilities used by young children, as is currently being proposed by BC Hydro under the Lord Roberts School Annex at Nelson Street in the West End and at Emery Barnes Park in Yaletown. Epidemiologic research has found associations between residential magnetic field exposure and cancer. This situation is further exacerbated by the excessive electromagnetic wave radiation generated by high voltage transmission facilities used in electricity sub-stations. A 2013 scientific study even shows that children near high voltage power facilities have poorer academic performance compared to non-exposed children.   “BC Hydro is not going to ‘cook the brain’ of my 3 year old daughter whilst she is at school or at play” said Party Leader, Mr. Phillip Ryan, who has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physics with a High Distinction in Electromagnetism studies. “These concerns are in addition to the risks of a catastrophic transformer explosion physically and emotionally impacting the children at the substations”. Mr. Ryan continued “I am staggered that the local Yaletown BC Liberal, Sam Sullivan MLA, and the local West End NDP Member, Mr. Spencer Chandra Herbert MLA, have both neither opposed nor even publicly spoken out about these harmful proposals in their own electoral districts. Both men are demonstrating they are very poor representatives for the health, welfare, safety, educational and developmental needs of their constituents,” said Mr. Ryan.
  3. EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION MUST BE URGENTLY COMPLETED FOR OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN: All government schools and post-secondary institutions will be required to commence and finish all seismic protection upgrades over the next 5 years.  The priority focus will be on buildings with stable or projected rising enrolments over the next 5 years.  In addition, all private schools and child care centres will be required to undertake seismic assessments within 18 months, with full and comprehensive results made available to all parents. “It is shameful that there are still 158 schools in BC which are at massive risk in the projected earthquake, and only 1 of those schools has been funded by the BC Liberals in their 2017/2018 budget two weeks ago”, said Mr. Ryan.  “I do not want my 3 year old daughter killed in any imminent earthquake in BC and neither do the parents of children across BC.  The BC Liberals will have ‘blood on their hands’ if they are re-elected and continue such negligence.  All parents need to send a message to this neglectful government”, said Mr. Ryan.  The BC Citizens First Party will immediately allocate additional funds to Earthquake Protection of our schools to the tune of $300 million per annum and $1,200 million over the next 4 years.
  4. WE COMMIT TO FUNDING A $217 MILLION ‘SURREY SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM’ OVER 3 YEARS WHICH WILL ADD 5,200 NEW SCHOOL SEATS IN NEW SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL EXTENSIONS.  To put this in context each $100 million per annum will deliver a new elementary school, a new secondary school and three additional school additions. 
  5. ELIMINATING TEMPORARY PORTABLE CLASSROOMS ACROSS BC:. Increased funding will be allocated to build permanent new classrooms in those schools with current portable classrooms where enrolments are projected to increase over the next 5 years. This will improve the ongoing learning environment of our children.
  6. NEW BC DIGITAL POLICE FORCE TO FOCUS ON STUDENT CYBER-BULLYING, LURING AND DRUGS: Online cyber bullying of students, child luring by predators, as well as attempts to sell illegal drugs to students over the internet or on the dark web will be scrutinized by the new BC Digital Police Force (which as previously announced will also monitor shared economy providers such as Airbnb and Uber etc)
  7. ALLOW THE TERTIARY EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS OF POLITICAL CANDIDATES TO BE INCLUDED ON BC PROVINCIAL BALLOT PAPERS: Currently it is illegal to put the educational qualifications of political candidates on any provincial ballot papers. A change in this law will greatly assist citizens in making a more informed choice in their voting for MLAs at election time.

The Leader of BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan, said “Our party’s Education policies aim to protect students from imminent severe earthquakes, dangerous ongoing exposure to electromagnetic radiation, run down school buildings, and from being overrun by overseas students in our own universities”.

He continued ”We aim to provide BC students with security from cyber-bullying, child luring and illicit drug risks, as well as a new golden pathway to a guaranteed graduate job in BC without incurring a massive student debt”.

Mr. Ryan said the party will continue to announce a range of public policies over the coming weeks whereby BC Citizens will again be given priority access across a wide range of government policies.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, 604-355-4069, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4.


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