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Party Leader, Phillip Ryan, standing in Vancouver-False Creek

Our Party Leader, Mr. Phillip Ryan has recently announced that he will be standing in the Vancouver-False Creek electoral district. See his media statement below:

The Leader of the BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan, today announced that he would be standing as the party’s official candidate in the Vancouver-False Creek Electoral District at the upcoming May 9th provincial election in BC. This will put Mr. Ryan directly up against the sitting BC Liberal MLA Mr. Sam Sullivan.

In making his announcement, Mr. Ryan said “ It is clear to me that the BC Liberals have lost contact with the people of Vancouver-False Creek. I have come to this view after spending a significant amount of time over many months speaking directly to voters in the District in their homes, at their places of work and business, within their schools and daycare facilities, as well on their public transport options and in their local community facilities.”

“The people feel neglected, unheard and unable to match the power of the big money being fed into the coffers of the BC Liberals who focus their energy on the wealthy.  The people want a change and they want someone to represent them who will represent the true values of themselves as citizens with real needs. Real needs in affordable housing, health, education, transport and child care” said Mr. Ryan.  He added  “Many people are living from paycheck to paycheck with the high costs of housing, they can see no way to get ahead, and many young people are contemplating leaving if the problems aren’t fixed quickly”.

Additionally  Mr. Ryan was highly critical of the local MLA Sam Sullivan.  “Sam Sullivan is just simply lazy and doesn’t care anymore”, said Mr. Ryan.  “It is time for him to move on” said Mr. Ryan.

As evidence, Mr. Ryan gave two examples of Mr. Sullivan’s neglect of the people of Vancouver-False Creek.


“Firstly, over the last 8 months since August last year, Mr. Sullivan has only issued one News Release from his offices”. To issue only one News Release over the last 240 days when so much needs to be done is simply just neglect of his constituents by the local MLA” said Mr. Ryan. “His effective output with solutions to our current problems is simply non-existent” said Mr. Ryan.

Furthermore, Mr. Ryan said that from his own experience he was personally unable to obtain a meeting or a formal written response from Mr. Sullivan to issues of concern for both himself and his 3 year old daughter which he sought last year. “My career has been in government relations and has involved arranging meetings with elected officials across the world in the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe.  I have also been a Chief of Staff to a State Premier. If I have a province related issue and can’t successfully obtain a meeting with Sam Sullivan then what chance has an average member of the public living in Vancouver-False Creek when they need to see him?” said Mr. Ryan. “From my personal experience his input from listening to people is non-existent”, said Mr. Ryan

“If Mr. Sullivan has no desires to receive direct input, and his output is so low, then it is time for Mr. Sullivan to move on and to let a more committed and more active person take over representing the people of False Creek” said Mr. Ryan.  Mr. Sullivan is failing his constituents by trying to remain on as the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek” said Mr. Ryan.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, Cell: 604-355-4069, p.ryan@bccitizensfirst.ca

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