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We are funded by the people. We are not funded by large overseas and local corporate investors who are prepared to pay $10,000 to meet the BC Premier, Ministers and MLAs at private functions.

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We need good genuine men and women who are committed to ensuring that BC Citizens are given priority access to affordable housing and other government services in BC. Consider standing for our party at the upcoming provincial election on May 9th this year. Contact us at to obtain more details.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for BC Citizens. Your generous personal donation will receive a CRA BC Tax Credit calculated as 75% of contributions up to $100, then 50% of excess contributions between $100 and $550, and 33.3% of contributions in excess of $550. The maximum tax credit of $500 occurs for a contribution of $1,150, although larger contributions are still accepted. Political contributions from organizations, corporations and unions are prohibited. Donations can also be posted to Suite 206 -18 Hastings St W Vancouver, BC V6B 1G6.

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