Trans Mountain Pipeline

Five New Additional Conditions Before Proceeding



The BC Citizens First Party today laid out five major additional conditions which must be met by Kinder Morgan in order for their Trans Mountain Pipeline to proceed:

1. Firstly, our party is concerned that Trans Mountain assumes no responsibility for oil spills after their delivery of their oil to their oil tanker customers. We will therefore require Kinder Morgan and their Trans Mountain pipeline to assume full financial liability for oil tanker spills out to BC’s furthest territorial waters. These ships will be laden with Tar Sands oil and traversing underneath the Second  Narrows Bridge, then alongside Stanley Park and under Lions Gate Bridge. We do not wish to see Kinder Morgan simply selling cheap product to ‘shady’ cheap discount bulk buyers who use risky, rusty and old tanker ships. In order to place sufficient onus on the pipeline owners, Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain pipeline will be required to assume full responsibility and legal liability for the safe traversing of British Columbia territorial waters by all of its buyers and their tankers.

2. Secondly, we will require Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain Pipeline to pay 100% of the costs for full recovery of any environmental damage caused by the transmission of their product on, under or over BC land, sea or air.

3. Thirdly, we are concerned that the primary company owner Kinder Morgan may be tempted to use their limited liability private shell company Trans Mountain Pipeline to cover oil spill warranties. We will therefore require the parent public company to be the primary accountable party for any oil spillages.

4. Fourthly, we are concerned that there is twice the length of this pipeline in BC than in Alberta, therefore BC faces twice the risk of a pipeline spill than Alberta.  Despite this the BC Government will only receive $6 billion taxation revenue over 20 years compared to $20 billion in taxation revenues which will be acquired by the Alberta Government from this pipeline project (the pipeline owners will at the same time generate $325 billion in revenue over 20 years at $50 per barrel). We therefore believe that BC should receive, at a very minimum, the same amount of revenue as the Alberta Government, given the significantly greater environmental risks being placed on BC (during transmission as well as tanker loading) compared to Alberta.

5. This additional revenue for BC citizens would be acquired through a new Pipeline Underground Excavation, Placement and Usage Tax  which would be levied at $2.10 for every barrel of oil flowing through the Trans Mountain pipeline system. This will generate an additional $14 billion over 20 years for the BC Government.

6. These additional funds will be used to fund expanded government infrastructure, new jobs and community support programs for all the communities throughout regional and remote BC as well as Greater Vancouver where the pipeline traverses within a 100km radius.

7. Finally, we are concerned that the current CEO of Kinder Morgan  has stated that he does not believe in climate change. This demonstrates to us that he has little or no regard nor concern for the impacts of his company’s actions on the environment. Accordingly we will not support the pipeline whilst the current CEO remains in charge of the parent company owning the pipeline. We simply do not have sufficient confidence in his appropriate balancing of both economic and  environmental concerns.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, Cell: 604-355-4069, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4

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