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BC’s new political party, the BC Citizens First Party, today announced that it will completely phase out road tolls for those citizens using private cars or motorcycles for travel across currently tolled bridges or roads in BC, starting with a 50% cut in tolls immediately after the BC election on May 9th this year.  

The first stage of phase out of road and bridge tolls will see for example, the toll for travel across the Port Mann bridge reduced from $3.15 to $1.50 per trip for BC citizens using private cars in 2017, then reduced by a further 50% the following year, until completely eliminated.

The BC Citizens Party also announced today that it will:

  • TWIN THE MASSEY TUNNEL: Build a second Massey Tunnel with no tolls , rather than building a more expensive bridge with tolls that no one wants. 
  • LEGALIZE UBER: Allow UBER, Lyft and other shared economy transport providers to operate across the Lower Mainland.  This will provide more transport options, generate more market competition and  reduce the costs of transport for BC Citizens. All drivers will be required to be government registered and pass police checks, and maintain records of all trips and financial transactions. These new taxi operators will be monitored by the new BC Digital Police Force already announced by the BC Citizens First Party.
  • ELIMINATE ICBC CAR INSURANCE MONOPOLY: Allow BC Citizens to take out Basic Autoplan car insurance with other insurance providers and not be solely restricted to ICBC. This market competition will result in reduced car insurance rates for BC Citizens. It is intolerable that ICBC rates have been allowed to rise 30% under Premier Christy Clarke and even worse are now projected to rise as high as 42% over the next 3 years!
  • SAVE GEORGIA VIADUCT: The Vancouver Georgia Viaduct will be protected and will not be allowed to be demolished, as we view the roadway as being vital in reducing traffic congestion in downtown Vancouver.
  • NEW NORTH VANCOUVER CROSSING: We are committed to commencing investigations into building a new additional traffic crossing between Vancouver and North Vancouver in order to reduce traffic congestion. We will particularly investigate an underground traffic tunnel from North Vancouver to a point just outside downtown Vancouver to relieve pressure on both the Lions Gate and Ironworkers Second Narrows bridges during peak hours.
  • EXPAND BC ACCESS TO CHEAPER MOTOR VEHICLE GAS: We believe that there is a significant lack of competition in oil refining and distribution of motor vehicle gas in BC which is resulting in BC Citizens usually paying the highest gas prices in North America.  Accordingly we will encourage the development of a joint USA/BC Government motor vehicle gas trade deal with all major US Washington State based oil refineries including the two located just 7 miles across the border in Blaine.  If necessary, our party will also establish a network of gas station outlets on government owned land across the Lower Mainland to distribute the US gas to BC citizens, particularly if current gas companies refuse to cooperate due to pressure from their own oil refinery masters.  Such a government initiative would also bring back gas stations to the downtown core of Vancouver.  
  • LOWER TRANS-CANADA AIR FARES: Due to a severe lack of competition in trans-Canada air fares, BC Citizens are being hit with expensive air fares for their trans-Canada air travel. We will accordingly strongly encourage the Government of Canada to allow international and USA airlines to carry purely domestic travelers across Canada, as currently occurs in many other countries. If this fails to materialize we will strongly consider establishing a BC Government owned airline (100% Canadian owned) to provide adequate competition for BC citizens travelling across Canada by outsourcing all major operational activities to accredited air services providers.
  • A JOINT USA/BC GOVERNMENT TRADE DEAL: We envisage doing a package trade deal with the Trump Administration covering British Columbia's access to refinery motor vehicle gas and expanding USA wine access to BC supermarkets, whilst simultaneously expanding current BC Softwood exports and expanding US airline activity into Trans-Canada routes.
  • The Party has also announced that it will re-introduce a BC PUBLIC TRANSIT TAX CREDIT which was recently abolished by the Federal Liberals.

The Leader of BC Citizens First Party, Mr. Phillip Ryan, said “the elimination of current road and bridge tolls, the introduction of more taxi service providers, the expansion of Massey Tunnel capacity, and the reduction in basic car insurance premiums, motor vehicle gas prices and air fares through market competition will significantly reduce the overall costs of travel for BC Citizens”.

He continued: “Our other transport policy initiatives will also reduce traffic congestion and ensure optimum utilization of currently built traffic resources, as well as allow us to commence planning for the elimination of current Lions Gate bridge bottlenecks all the way back to downtown Vancouver”.The BC Citizens Fist Party recently announced its Housing Policy requiring  50,000 currently vacant or underutilized homes across the Lower Mainland owned by overseas residents to be immediately sold within 12 months to citizens.

Mr. Ryan said the party will continue to announce a range of public policies over the coming weeks whereby BC Citizens will be given priority across a full range of government policies.

Contact Party Leader: Phillip Ryan, 604-355-4069, Party Headquarters: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4

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