Become a Volunteer

Handout Leaflets

You can help us by handing out our brochures, leaflets and candidate profiles at local venues from now until the date of the election in May 2017.

Home or Business Poster

Help us by putting a sign on your front lawn or at your business premises promoting our party and its local candidates.

Car Stickers

Order a car sticker for your car's rear windscreen to help create interst and awareness of our party.

Encourage your Friends

Discuss our party and its upcoming policies with your friends, family and social media networks, so that they become aware of a better way to run the province which is more focused on the needs of our citizens.

Be an Office Volunteer

Help us coordinate our administrative functions with extra support from an army of volunteers.

Use Your Specialist Skills

Help us with our website, social media, campaign media, email marketing, market research, accounting, legal, advertising and promotions as well as public relations etc. Put your professional skills, whatever they are, to valuable use helping us - either on a part-time or full-time volunteer basis.

Sign Up as a Volunteer

Sign up to let us know you are interested in helping us.